Diesel Engine Workshop Day 1 Day 2
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Morning Morning Morning
  Welcome: Chattanooga, Tennessee – A Tale of Two Cities Beyond Diesel: Ultra-Low NOx Gaseous Fuel Offerings
Gee’s Bend Ferry Battery Conversion Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles Update
 Diesel Emissions and Health Autogas Answers: Your Fleet Fueling Needs
Air Quality and Health Making the Transition to an Alternative Fuel Fleet
Issues Facing Today’s Drivers: Congestion and Electronic Logs
Afternoon Afternoon Afternoon
Health Effects of Diesel Exhaust – Recent Findings Taking Action to Improve Air Quality in Middle Georgia Off-Road Electric Autonomous Vehicle Technology
EPA Overview of the Cleaner Trucks Initiative Tier 4 Engine Management Transporting the Zero Emission Future to Now
Changing the Perceptions of Emission Technology Tampering and Aftermarket Defeat Devices Volvo LIGHTS
Benefits of Using High Quality DEF Roadwarrior: Aftermarket Emission Controls for Heavy-Duty Diesel  ZEV Vehicles and Electric Powertrains
 Green Locomotives
Auburn CACC Truck Platoon Testing Update
Atlanta Regional Truck Parking Assessment
Appalachian Regional Port
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