The STRIDE Collaborative

The Southeastern Team Reducing the Impacts of Diesel Emissions (STRIDE) Collaborative is part of EPA’s National Clean Diesel Campaign, a program combining regulatory measures with voluntary initiatives to reduce the pollution emitted from diesel engines across the country. It invites leaders from industry, academia, non-governmental organizations, interested citizens, and government at all levels working across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the 6 Tribal Nations in EPA Region 4 to participate, learn more, and implement projects to reduce diesel emissions. The collaborative was formed in April of 2006 and was originally called the Southeast Diesel Collaborative (SEDC).

Our goal is to improve air quality and public health by encouraging the use of clean, renewable energy and by reducing diesel emissions from existing engines and equipment from all types of diesel engines.

Collaborative Strategies:

  • Encourage alternative fuel use, conserve fuel, promote energy independence
  • Install clean retrofit devices on diesel equipment
  • Encourage older engine replacement and repowering
  • Analyze and disseminate best practices to reduce engine idling and properly maintain equipment

The STRIDE Strategic Planning Group oversees focus areas within the collaborative and coordinates teleconference meetings, events, and other networking opportunities for current and prospective members of the organization. Its members are:

Angie Card,

Ben Kessler,

Anthony Smiley,

Gretchen Barrera P.E.,

Jonathan Overly,

Mark Roberts,

Paul McKenzie,

Jim Young,

Shauna Basques,

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