Clean Cities Funding Opportunities

There are a number of funding opportunities available for Clean Cities Coalition Projects.  Your Clean Cities Coordinator can help you navigate these programs successfully.  You can find your local Clean Cities Coalition for EPA Region 4 below or follow the link for Nationwide Clean Cities contacts.

Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition Contacts

Mark Bently:, 205-402-2755

Michael Staley:, 205-402-2755

Clean Cities-Georgia Contacts

Frank Morris:, 770-408-8628

Sumner Pomeroy:, 404-604-3678

North Florida Clean Fuels Coalition Contacts

Elizabeth DeJesus:, 904-306-7505

Marci Larson:, 904-306-7513

Tampa Bay Clean Cities Coalition Contact

Alexander Kolpakov:, 813-974-4038

Southeast Florida Clean Cities Coalition Contact

Alisha Lopez:, 954-924-3653

Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition Contact

Alisha Lopez (acting):, 954-924-3653

Triangle Clean Cities (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) Contact

Annie Lee:, 919-614-7008

Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition (Western North Carolina) Contact

Sara Nichols:, 828-206-0884

Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition Contacts

Megan Upchurch:, 704-688-7035

Jason Wager:, 704-348-2707

Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition Contact

Rene Kelly:, 803-737-0989

Kentucky Clean Cities Partnership Contact

Position Vacant:

East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition Contacts

Jonathan Overly:, 865-974-3625

Daniel Siksay:, 865-974-9665

Middle-West Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition Contact

Alexa Voytek:, 615-613-1096

The U.S. Department of Energy provides a number of funding opportunities for Clean Cities coalition projects. To view the latest Clean Cities funding opportunities you may click on the link below:  

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