Electric School Bus Resources

STRIDE Collaborative Electric School Bus Webinar Series

V2G Webinar

This webinar provided an overview of how the power stored in the battery of an electric school bus or electric commercial vehicle can be used by the electric utility to supplement power to the electric grid, and/or by the vehicle owner for peak shaving and emergency service. This type of distributed power resource is commonly referred to as Vehicle to Grid or V2G.

The Power of Partnership Webinar

This webinar focused in on Washington County’s experiences deploying an EV bus.  There was also a discussion from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation on the public health benefits of going to electric vehicles and the funding opportunities available.  The webinar included discussion from a utility provider about how easily electric buses and charging stations can be integrated into a fleet. Together these speakers provided information and the considerations needed to easily and efficiently incorporate these cost-reducing and clean buses into existing fleets.

The Future is Now Webinar

Clean Cities Georgia and the STRIDE Collaborative partnered to bring you the third webinar in STRIDE’s Electric School Bus Webinar Series.  This webinar featured presentations from electric school bus manufacturers who discussed and demonstrated that electric school buses are no longer a thing of the future, but a technology available and ready for the demands of the present day. Georgia Power also spoke about the Make Ready program which works to help facilitate a smooth transition for the addition of this new technology. Together these speakers demonstrated why the future is now for electric school buses. 

US DOT's Rural Electric Vehicle Toolkit

This toolkit is an excellent resource to help rural communities scope, plan, and fund EV charging infrastructure and also provides information on some of the reasons why rural individuals and fleets should consider electrification.

EPA's Green Vehicle Guide

EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide contains a number of useful resources for learning more about electric vehicles and similar topics included V2G technologies.

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