Port Resources

EPA's Ports Initiative

EPA’s Ports Initiative works in collaboration with the port industry, communities, and all levels of government to improve environmental performance and increase economic prosperity. This effort helps people living and working near ports across the country breathe cleaner air and live better lives. The EPA Ports Initiative page has a number of resources on how ports can work to improve their environmental footprints.  These include technical resources such as Emissions Inventory Guidance, a Shore Power Technology Assessment, and much more.  The Ports Initiative page also includes resources on Port-Community Collaboration, a variety of case studies, and funding resources.

Got Resources to Share?

This page is currently a work-in-progress.  Nonetheless, we would be remiss not to share the resources above with you.  If there are additional resources that you recommend we add to the page, send an e-mail to resources@stridecollaborative.org and it may be added to the site.

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