STRIDE Electric School Bus Webinar Series: Total Cost of Ownership
August 11th, 2022

During this free webinar, Hillsborough County Schools and Argonne discussed cost analyses for school bus electrification and how electrification can save fleets money. Jim Beekman of Hillsborough County Schools discussed a Total Cost of Ownership analysis performed for the district going over both the process of putting together a TCO analysis and the results. Andy Burnham of Argonne National Laboratory next went over an analysis using the AFLEET tool to demonstrate how school bus fleets can use the tool to calculate emission reductions and cost savings. Together these speakers discussed how school bus fleets can save green by going green and electrifying their fleets.


Dale Aspy, US Environmental Protection Agency


Jim Beekman, Hillsborough County Public Schools 

Andy Burnham, Argonne National Laboratory

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