The SmartWay Transport Partnership


The SmartWaySM Transport Partnership is a voluntary public-private partnership between various freight industry sectors and EPA designed to conserve fuel while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and other air pollutants. Companies that provide or hire freight delivery and logistics services can become SmartWay Transport partners. EPA helps partners calculate their current environmental performance, set improvement goals, understand fuel-saving strategies and technologies, calculate cost savings, and win industry and public recognition. SmartWay also verifies the performance of fuel-saving technologies, certifies trucks and trailers with energy-saving features, and offers a variety of financing opportunities.

Currently over 2000 shippers, carriers, logistics providers, and affiliates participate in the Partnership, including hundreds in Canada. SmartWay is quickly expanding its international reach and developing new tools to help shippers analyze their carbon reduction options more accurately within and across all modes in their “supply chain” (truck, rail, port drayage, marine, etc.).  More information on SmartWay’s international programs can be found here.

SmartWay Webinars

Smartway holds a number of webinars and events to help partners and interested parties to get the most out of the program.  More information on these webinars and events can be found here.

SmartWay Technologies for On-Road Vehicles

Aerodynamic Devices for Trucks

Installing EPA-verified aerodynamic devices on your trailer can save fuel by minimizing aerodynamic drag and maintaining smoother air flow.  Using these devices, you can save up to 9% on fuel usage.  These technologies include gap reducers, side fairings, and boat tails.  For more information on these technologies, please click on the link below:

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Certain low rolling resistance (LRR) tires and retread technologies can reduce both costs and emissions for long-haul class 8 tractor-trailers by 3% or more.  Fleet operators should check with the tire manufacturer of multi-position tires to confirm that the tire is suitable for the intended application.  For more information on low rolling resistance tires and retread technologies, click on the link below:

Idle Reduction Technologies

Idling for long periods can be costly for truck drivers and lead to significant amount of fuel being expended, increased engine maintenance costs, and emissions produced.  Driver training and financial incentives can go a long way towards reducing idling costs, but sometimes it can be essential to have a power source to keep the cab cool during hot summer months or to keep it warm during frigid winters.  There are a number of idle reduction technologies that can help drivers in these tasks, by using an alternative (such as an auxiliary power unit or APU) to the truck’s main diesel engine for heating and cooling.  For more information on strategies and technologies for idle reduction in trucks, click on the link below:

SmartWay Designated Tractors and Trailers

The SmartWay program has designated a number of tractors and trailers based on how fuel efficient they are.  Using a SmartWay designated tractor and trailer can reduce fuel usage up to 20%, which can amount to between 2,000 – 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year!  For more information on SmartWay designated tractors and trailers, click on the link below:

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