City Furniture is setting an example of how small companies can make a big difference protecting the environment.   City Furniture has stores in south Florida with pride in its small local community business origins.  The company currently has 108 trucks in its fleet used to deliver furniture.   The company is committed to converting its fleet to clean compressed natural gas (CNG).  Thus far, 94 trucks have been converted.  The company has invested $1.5 million in transitioning to CNG, which includes an on-site CNG fueling station.  This clean technology transition at City Furniture is occurring without the use of government funding.  City Furniture has been repeatedly recognized as one of the top 50 Greenest Fleets in America, ranking #24 in the year 2017.  City Furniture has six showrooms that are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.   Their distribution center in Tamarac features a state-of-the-art recycling center, where 95% of waste is recycled.  In April, City Furniture announced pre-ordering five Tesla Semi trucks, which will make it the first furniture retailer in the U.S. to go electric.  The type of leadership provided by City Furniture is truly inspiring and a great example of what a small company can accomplish making our communities cleaner, safer and more sustainable.

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