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June Blotnick has served as the Executive Director of Clean Air Carolina since 2005 and she has over 30 years of experience working with nonprofit and community-based organizations in North Carolina. At Clean Air Carolina, she manages a wide variety of educational and advocacy initiatives targeted at ensuring healthy air in North Carolina. June has been instrumental in the North Carolina Clean Diesel Program, which has promoted diesel emissions reductions since 2005. Originally focusing on school bus retrofits, the program assisted school systems across the state in accessing federal and state funds for retrofit projects, including working collaboratively with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to promote cleaner school buses.
Over the last 5 years, this program has focused on promoting clean construction practices to over 300 hospitals, 200 colleges and universities, and multiple municipalities. Their success has included developing a toolkit of resources in collaboration with the Clean Air Task Force to outline the benefits and best practices of clean construction, working with the Association of General Contractors to incorporate clean construction into the 2012 federal transportation bill, and hosting meetings between doctors and construction company representatives to share information on diesel pollution impacts on health and clean diesel opportunities.
Clean Air Carolina successfully worked with the New Belgium Brewery in Asheville to use clean construction practices for their off road equipment, the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on clean construction policy development, and the City of Charlotte on a Green Roads certification program, and with the North Carolina Division of Air Quality and the Mecklenburg County Grants to Replace Aging Diesel Equipment (GRADE) programs supporting their clean diesel efforts. To promote idle reduction, Clean Air Carolina has distributed hundreds of their “Turn Off Your Engine” signs to schools, construction companies and hospitals across their region.

Clean Air Carolina continues to promote the benefits of cleaner air through webinars, lunch-and-learns, and other outreach events. Looking to the future, June is the Chair of the Centralina Council of Government Connect our Future Air Quality and Climate Change Workgroup, which is assessing the impact of black carbon pollution from diesel as the region grows over the next 35 years. June was also recognized for her leadership as the winner of the 2012 Community Sustainability Award from Sustain Charlotte.

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