2021 Community Leadership Award Winner:

Greensboro Transit Agency


Greensboro Transit Agency operates 55 buses that services 21 routes running 3.1 million trips in 2019.   The agency is committed to making data informed decisions that are purpose driven and people centered.  As part of this commitment, efforts have been underway to deploy technology that reduces or eliminates diesel usage.  Currently, 26 of the 55 buses utilize diesel reducing technology including 16 electric buses and 11 hybrid Buses.  Since 2019 the technology has reduced diesel consumption by 166,524 gallons and CO2 emissions by 1,369 metric tons while saving the city $484,919.  Reducing the use of diesel also improves local air quality.  The new buses create a reliable, healthy, and quite experience for riders.  The agency plans to continue its effort of deploying electric buses.

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