Saddle Creek purchased 40 compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks in 2011 and an additional 62 CNG trucks by the end of 2013.  The first 40 CNG trucks were equipped with 4 CNG tanks while the next 62 trucks were equipped with 5 CNG tanks in order to extend their range. This represents an investment of $17 million in a cleaner fueled fleet with a plan to have a company owned fleet of 300 CNG trucks by 2014.  They have also invested $2.2 million in a CNG fueling station.

They have also put into place fleet-wide practices for reducing fuel use by limiting truck speeds to 65 miles per hour, implementing idle reduction measures, optimizing performance through satellite monitoring, using tire auto-air inflation systems, adding trailer skirts to improve tractor aerodynamics, improving truck utilization, and continuous driver training.  The company’s facility in Charlotte, N.C., is also LEED certified. These efforts will reduce Saddle Creek’s carbon footprint by 11,400,000 pounds annually.

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