2020 Industry Leadership Award Winner:

Crowley Maritime Corporation

Crowley Maritime Corporation is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.  They have invested $550 million in LNG technology as follows:

  • 2 new LNG Ships serving Jacksonville, FL to Puerto Rico
  • LNG Fuel Bunkering Infrastructure in Jacksonville
  • Enhance Terminal and New Pear in Puerto Rico

These two new Crowley ships were built specifically for the Puerto Rico trade, and are 219.5 meters (720 feet), 26,500 deadweight tons (DWT), and can transport up to 2,400 twenty-foot-equivalent container units (TEUs) at a cruising speed of 22 knots. The vessels are designed to accommodate a wide range of container sizes and types, including 53-foot by 102-inch-wide, high-capacity containers, up to 300 refrigerated containers, and a mix of about 400 cars and larger vehicles in the enclosed and ventilated Ro/Ro decks. This type of shipboard garage is offered exclusively by Crowley in the trade.  The ships are equipped with an LNG fuel system, which are fueled by new terminals and facilities infrastructure located in Jacksonville, Florida. LNG is a stable gas that is neither toxic nor corrosive and is lighter than air. Fueling the ships with LNG will reduce emissions significantly, including a 100-percent reduction in sulfur oxide (SOx) and particulate matter (PM); a 92-percent reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx); and a reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) of more than 35 percent per container, compared with current fossil fuels.

Working with Eagle LNG Partners, the ships will be bunkered from a shoreside fuel depot at JAXPORT.

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