Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport with over 900 flights each day.  When building their 5th runway, Hartsfield used a state of the art 4.5 mile long conveyer technology which prevented the need of nearly 5 million dump trucks and almost 30 months of extra work.  This also eliminated nearly 2,600 tons of harmful emissions, all the while using clean construction equipment.  This is a significant feat as this conveyor project is believed to be the largest earthmoving project for public works ever undertaken in Georgia.

Recently many additional environmental improvements have been made including low-flow toilets, low-mercury florescent light bulbs, and passenger recycling programs.  The design for the new Maynard Jackson International Terminal is seeking LEED certification.  Hartsfield has initiated a cooking oil recycling program to utilize airport restaurant oil for fuel in airport vehicles.  Working with the FAA, its airport’s facilities were designed to minimize taxiing time, which reduces the running time for their planes’ engines.

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