Director, Clarksville TN, MPO

Stan is the Transportation Planning Director for the Clarksville Urbanized Area Metropolitan Planning Organization. Over the past 26 years he has worked in Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. He received a Transportation Engineering Certificate from the University of Tennessee. Stan has a M.S. and a bachelor’s degree in City and Regional Planning from Western Kentucky University.

He is involved in the Tennessee Academy of Transportation Engineering, Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations, American Planning Association and EPA’s Southeast Diesel Collaborative.
The challenge of being able to provide transportation infrastructure and services to meet the region’s growing mobility demands are increasing. In 2008, the number of residents was over 161,000 and by 2035 the population is projected to be nearly 274,000.

The current Federal legislation –SAFETA-LU emphasis the relationships between air quality, land use and all modes of transportation. The Clean Air Act Amendments require transportation plans, programs and projects in non-attainment areas to not cause or contribute to violations of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.  Before funding is obligated, there is coordination between the MPO and the Federal, State and Local agencies responsible for environmental protection, land use management, natural resources and historic preservation.
329 Main Street

Clarksville, TN 37040

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